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02 November 2013 @ 12:00 am
The ceremony took place with much work and love and blessings and excitement, and only a couple of problems on the 21st! My 13 month journey has come to an end. My lifelong journey continues.

This journal will, for the time being, continue as a record of what I am learning in the wake of my initiation.

Papa and I will decide thereafter if I will maintain this as a journal for my Papa, or weave it back in to my main journal.

Entries will still be friends-locked. You are still welcome to comment here to request entry. I am still unlikely to friend folks I don't already know.

I have luck.

Be Well,

In November of 2009 I will be Headwashed to my Papa Ghede. This journal is meant to document the 13 months of deliberate preparation between now and then.

The entries will all be friends-locked. If you are interested in reading this journal, leave a comment here. However, if I do not already know you from my main journal, I am unlikely to friend you here.

Wish me luck.

Be well,
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18 November 2008 @ 03:27 am
I finally assembled the Hella necklace I started designing several months ago. I'm quite pleased with it. I'm really not sure how (I'd have to do the math I guess), but the design ended up symmetrical! Woot! *ahem*

I meditated on the Labyrinth as a path to Hella while stringing, and alternated between humming Her song (singing it more clearly inside my head) and hearing other songs that were lyrically appropriate for various reasons.

I've put up pictures of the necklace and the design information in my Flickr stream:

The Pattern, Math Included, The actual paper pattern I was working with, The beads I used (dark),The beads I used (light), The full length necklace (Yay Symmetry!).

I'm not done pondering the resulting significance of the symbology I built into this necklace, but I'm not awake enough to elaborate right now...

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